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CloverPaint 1.1 beta4

Linux ザウルス用ペイントソフト CloverPaintのベータ版 1.1 beta4 をアップしました.

1.1 beta2からの変更点は以下の通りです.(1.1beta3は掲示板でのみ公開)






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Indeed cloverpaint doesn't use QT widgets. GUIs are written in general style using image files and touch events. Provided that their implementations are depend on QT libraries.

Posted by: soga | 2007.09.21 00:43

Can't wait....
Please tell me QT is not a dependencie for it.

Posted by: stanley dufresne | 2007.09.04 00:23

Hi, Stanley. I think it is great and exciting.
I will register my project to sourceforge(.jp) one of these fine days. Then you can download my project and port to maemo under the GNU licence.

Posted by: soga | 2007.05.16 20:59

is it possible you can send me the src for cloverpaint to port to the N800 running maemo.
had a great deal of success compiling application source code for the zaurus to nokias N800 which runs maemo...
a debian derived distro for tablets

Posted by: stanley dufresne | 2007.05.16 11:23

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